Hands Free Operation

Voice Text Pro uses a 100% hands free voice interface. No buttons, just talking.

Send Unlimited Texts Free

Voice Text Pro not only converts all of your voice messages to text, we also found a way to send all of these messages out to practically anyone in the world for free! Unlike other apps out there, we don't charge subscriptions or anything, once you buy the app you get free texting for LIFE!

Easy 1-2-3 Operation

Say Contact Name

Say Text Message

Text will auto-load, just hit send!

More Features

- Create new custom messages or edit

- Combine multiple messages using "Say More" feature

- Edit carrier of contact - auto save

- Browse and edit pronunciation of contacts

- Create nicknames

- Display contact picture

- Toggle noise cancellation

- Shake to cancel a text

- Vibrate when ready

- Auto texting (5 second countdown)

- Turn features on/off by voice

- Say Google SMS to auto-load text message to Google SMS service

- Fully embedded - no server, all contact data & text content 100% secure

About Us

HRL Technologies speech recognition technologies are the core of software applications in 160 countries.

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