How do I change settings or preferences?

Tap on the “Settings” tab to modify VoiceThis Text Pro preferences at any time.

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Does Voice Text Pro use or store my contacts?

No. Unlike other voice recognition apps that run on a server, Voice Text Pro runs 100% on the iPhone. Thus, not only do we not store or access your contact data at anytime, voice text pro does not require an internet connection or even cell reception to process recognition.

Does Voice Text Pro run in the background?

Yes. Voice Text Pro does utilize Apple’s multitasking functionality so that the app runs in the background. That means that you only need to launch Voice Text Pro once and from then on its immediately accessible from the multitask toolbar. The only exception is if you change contact data, at that point you should reload the app so the contacts are changed accordingly.

How do I start voice recording?

There are two ways to start the recorder with Voice Text Pro

1. Hold the iPhone tilted to your ear, you will hear a beep sound indicating the mic has been turned on, then speak.

2. Tap the big blue button, you will hear a beep sound, then speak. (don’t hold down the button, just tap it lightly, it will turn red).

Is it really hands free?

Yes. At no time do you need to press any of the buttons available to you, these are there just in case and for preference only. Voice Text Pro uses the motion detector to turn on the mic, all you need to do is hold onto your iPhone and speak.

Can I really send unlimited free texts?

Yes. You can send an unlimited amount of free text messages with Voice Text Pro. There are no subscriptions or extra fees to worry about, just buy the app and you can send free texts for life!

Why is my text sent through the Mail app?

All texts are sent through the mail app, but are received as a text message. The recipient sees it as a text message sent from you and will have no idea that you composed it by voice and that you sent it for FREE! Contrary to some of our reviewers, we do not help you send emails, only texts!

How do I add, delete, or edit new messages?

-Tap the Messages Tab

- To add a message, tap the “+” sign, hit the text box, and type in the new message. Choose “done” to save.

- To edit a message, tap the message you want to edit, hit the text box, and type in the new message. Hit “done” to save.

- To delete a message, tap the “Edit” button, select “-” next to the message you want to delete, then hit delete.

What are the steps to send a text by voice?

1. Holding the iPhone tilted to your ear, wait after the beep, then say the contact name.

2. Once the contact is selected, hold the iphone to your ear and say the text message.

3. The text message will appear with the contact and optionally auto-text on a 5 second timer. You can either let the message get sent, cancel the message by shaking the iPhone, or “say more” by holding the iPhone to your ear and saying an additional message.

4. The Mail app will be auto-loaded with the contact and message already pre-populated. You need simply hit “send” to send the message. All messages will be received as a regular text message by the recipient.

How close do I need to be to the microphone?

We recommend speaking within 3 inches of the internal iPhone mic.
If your state requires hands free operation, you might experiment with your iPhone earbuds and microphone. The microphone is integrated into the right side line of your headset, so just make sure you speak directly into this mic.

Does Voice Text Pro work with a Bluetooth headset?

You can still use your Bluetooth headset during your call, but you will need to first initiate the call by speaking into the iPhone mic. At this time, Apple did not allow us to be integrated with Bluetooth devices. As soon as this feature is available, each current customer will be notified. Remember, safety is always first. Do not attempt to send a text, even with voice commands, without taking every safety precaution necessary for your particular situation.

How do I edit the mobile carrier of a contact?

In order for Voice Text Pro to send your texts for free, we need to know the mobile carrier of your contact. Each contact in your address book is default to AT&T. You can easily change the carrier for a contact at anytime as follows:

Tap the “Contacts” tab, select the contact, you will see the mobile carrier in blue at the bottom (i.e. AT&T).

Tap the default carrier name, then select the new carrier from the list.

Choose Done.

How do I use a nickname or change the pronunciation for a contact?

- Tap the “Contacts” tab, here you will see your entire contact list.

- Choose the contact, you will see the “Edit Pronunciation” screen which includes the contact name and a text box entry for inserting the new pronunciation.

- Tap the text box and begin typing in the nickname or alternate pronunciation that you would like to use for the contact. Voice Text Pro will automatically reflect the changes by intelligently inserting the blue phonemes at the bottom as you type.

- When you are finished, just click “Done”.

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How do I send texts in a foreign language or to contacts in non-English?

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